Nawzad Yahya Saeed Khder Elias Mohammed Bajger

Nawzad Yahya Saeed Khder Elias Mohammed Bajger

1- I was born on February 28th 1948.

2- I am the first born to my parents Yahya Saeed Bajgir and Makkiya Ahmed Samad Saadallah. I have three brothers and four sisters.

3- I received my primary education at Al-Faisaliyyah and Erbil El-Oula/ Ben Khalkaan in Kurdish language.

4- I studied to middle school in Erbil Middle School.

5- I received my high school education in Erbil High School.

6- I studied and practiced trade with the help of my father at his store for selling textiles. I also worked with him in harvesting and agriculture.

7- I was accepted by the School of Medicine at Mousul University in 1967.

8- I participated in the founding conference for the Kurdish Writers Union in Baghdad 1970.

9- We did our best to introduce Kurdistan, the Kurdish case and the Kurds national rights to everyone we met.

10- I left Iraq for the first time with a group of my friends in the university to Cairo in 1969.

11- I spend my university studies with love, amusement, and determination with hard study.

12- I graduated as a physician in 1974.

13- I was appointed as a resident doctor in 1975. Then I became the chief of residency doctors; this time was the best time in my life.

14- I joined the compulsory military service 1975-1976 as a medical conscript. I was not awarded a first lieutenant ranking because I was not a member of the ruling party at that time. I served with the boarder forces in Zakho, Erbil and Rawandouz.

15- I worked as a physician in the villages and suburbs of Galala between 1977-1978. This was the happiest time of my life.

16- I became a practicing general physician in Sitakan infirmary.

17- I served as the Emergency doctor at Erbil Al-Jumhoori Hospital.

18- A training doctor in Cardiothoracic and vascular surgery. I opened my private clinic which operated during the evenings..

19- The first center for Cardiothoracic and vascular surgery established in Kurdistan Me with Dr. Waleed Khalid in Erbil Al-Jamhoori Hospital in 1982.

20- I was relocated from the ministry of Health to the Ministry of Higher Education, College of Medicine, Salahaddin University in 1982.

21- I was sent to study cardiothoracic surgery in Medical City Hospital in Baghdad under the auspices of Professor Yousef Al-Noumaan 1983. I specialized in Cardiothoracic and Vascular surgery in 1983-1987at Medical City Hospital, College of Medicine, Baghdad University. I spent two preparatory stage years and two years of study and practice.

22- I married my beloved Susan Shareef Mohammed Jumbaaz on November 23rd 1984 in Baghdad

23- My best gift from God, my daughter Naz, came to my life on January 23rd 1986.

24- My next present, my daughter Media, was born on March 26th 1987.

25- I was awarded the title of specialized surgical doctor after I complited my postgraduate education in Medical City Hospital, College of Medicine, Baghdad University in October of 1987.

26- I returned to Erbil as a surgical doctor specializing in Cardiothoracic and Vascular surgery in College of Medicine, Salahaddin University.

27- I served as a specialized surgeon in Saddam Educational Hospital in Erbil, 1987-1988.

28- I was moved to Baghdad as a Cardiothoracic and Vascular surgeon at Al-Yarmook educational Hospital, Al-Mustansiriyah University in August 1988 .

29- I opened my private clinic in Baghdad, on Mushajjar St., in Baqir Al-Baqir building (1988-1996).

30- God fulfilled his blessings on me when my son, Miran, was born on the date of my birthday, February 28th 1990, in Al-Yarmook Educational Hospital.

31- My fourth child, Shireen, was born on April 24th 1996.

32- My family and I moved to Turkey on July 1996 to Mersin where my brothers lived and our companies were located.

33- We obtained the Turkish citizenship in 1998.

34- I practiced painting in my apartment in Sully compound by the sea. I painted 69 drawings in my private studio. I wrote a lot of fee verses in Kurdish and Arabic.

35- In Turkey, we exported food supplies and services to Kurdistan region of Iraq.

36- My family and I returned home to Erbil in 2003, and since then, our investment activities have been expanded to all cities of Kurdistan.

37- My brothers and I developed our business successfully and invested in Kurdistan; we established international companies in Dubai, Mersin, Iraq, Sri-Lanka and England.

38- Cihan University was established in Erbil in 2007.

39- International trade and finance companies were established.

40- Cihan Bank for investment in Iraq was established in 2009.

41- Toyota dealership was soon added under the Cihan Group of companies

42- Cihan College for primary and secondary studies was established.

43- Cihan Company for construction.

44- Cihan Oil Services Company.

45- Cihan Insurance Company.

46- Cihan Radio and Television was established and oprated in 2008.

47- Cihan University in Sulaimani was established in 2011.

48- The center for research, legal and scientific consultancy and mass murder studies was established.

49- Cihan University sports club was established.

50- I am a Member of International Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery Society.

51- I am a Member of Asian Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery Society.

52- Concessionaire of Cihan University Magazine.

53- I am one of the founders of the Kurdistan Union of Investors.

54- I am the Founder of the humane society.

55- I am one of the founders of the Kurdistan Stock Market, ESX.

56- I am the founder of the Environment Protection Society Foundation.

57- I have published 5 books, “words Planting”, “Wooshe Dachainam”, “Fine Art Album”, “Allah”,”Death”.

58- Cihan University in Dohuk was established in 2013.

59- I am the President of the Board of Trustees of Cihan Universities.

60- I am a Member of International Peace Organization.

61- I am about to publish the books: “Peace”, “The Teacher says”, Layla”, “Thought”.

62- My intentions for the future include plans to establish universities in poor countries such as Somalia and Bangladesh in order to build cultural and scientific cooperation between nations.

63- My plans include the establishment of universities in all major cities of Iraq.

64- I strongly believe that Education is the solution and peace is the result.

65- Teaching children’s and women’s rights in schools and universities should be reinforced; promoting for the concept of denunciation of violence against women and children is necessary.

66- Establishing Cihan Educational Hospital and afterwards opening colleges of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Nursing, are my next priorities.

67- I am 67 years old, surgeon, painter, poet, and businessman.